Blender OpenSource 3D

“Our Mission: We want to create a free and open source 3D creation channel for artists and small teams.”

Blender is a tool that allows us to create our own 3D objects of free software developed in Python using OpenGL technology, is multiplatform (Linux, Windows, Macintosh and Android), totally free.

Modeling, Rigging, Animating, Simulating, Rendering, Compositions, Motion Tracking, Game Creation, Video Editing, among many other things that allow us to use Blender.

Blender is very light and easy to use, perfect for beginners who wish to enter the world of 3D, is the inclusion of Extensions that help facilitate tasks, much more versatile and customize our taste.
Some projects where blender was used:


  • The dream of the elephants
  • Plumifiers
  • Big Buck Bunny
  • Sintel
  • Tears of steel


My works in blender

Three Blender

Blender Beast

Desert Blender

Noodle Fant Art in Blender


Diseñador y programador el Reiz

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