Call of Duty: WWII and its new official trailer of its zombie mode

The Nazis are experimenting with a dark and evil supernatural power in the lands of Bavaria.


Sledgehammer Games and Activision finally showed the official trailer for the Call of Duty WWII zombie mode, in which we will have to travel to the terrifying German town of Mittelburn in Bavaria to deal with the supernatural forces that have awakened the Nazis. “This people hide the secret key of a monstrous and unimaginable power, in a dark and sinister plot that will give way to an invincible army of the undead,” its creators say.

Actors in Call of Duty WWII 

Players will incarnate a group of art and relic experts in the difficult and dangerous task of ending Nazi forces and thus avoiding the destruction of the world. The protagonists of this peculiar adventure are academics, thieves and soldiers who will be incarnated by renowned actors such as Mr. David Tennant, known for his role in the series Doctor Who.


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