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Who work in the company?

Right now there are four people: three programmers (Federico Cara, Fernando Rodriguez Catón & Juan Pablo Artola) and one artist and graphic designer (Germán Moltó).

¿How did you come out with the idea of creating a video game company?
It all started around 2012 when Federico, Fernando and Germán gathered together to create a simple game that never saw the light. A couple of years later, when Juan Pablo came aboard, we decided that it was time to consolidate the company and so we did.

What video games have you created so far?

In the actuallity we have worked in more than a dozen of games for diferent platforms (PC, Web, Mobile) for clients all around the world, you can check them in our webpage But we are mainly proud of the games we have created for ourselves. Right now you can download Cavern Tap, a casual game for mobile that is both easy and adictive. Once you start playing you can’t stop.
We have also released Glug, another easy and entertaining game for mobile.
Right now we are still developing our most ambitious project: Not So Dead. In NSD you have to use your brain to help your own horde of dombies to destroy the human resistence and take over the world (yeah, you are evil and you know you like it). We expect the game to come out sometime around december of this year. You can check it out bye going to our web and you can also suscribe to get more information and to be a betatest player.

How long does it take you to create a game?

It varies. There are several things to take in account before starting a game. It usually starts with a brainstorming. Once we have settled an idea we start to create mechanics and programmers try to create a really basic protoype of mechanics to see if they are fun or not. From there we start creating the art, content, and then there is testing, testing and even more testing.
But the short answer would be that it dependes on the complexity of the game. We have created complete games in less than a month, but we have worked in projects, like Not So Dead, that have taken us more than a year. We are confident that it will pay off. We have so much fun creating them.

What is your goal?

Our dream is to live from creating our own videogames. In the actuallity more than half of our income is from games that we create for third parties. It’s really great because we have learned a lot, but we would love to create our own ideas and don’t have to worry for anything else.

What do you need to achieve your goal?

Well, taking in account that we have seen so many great Indie games that are completely unknown by gamers, I won’t hesitate in saying that we need more exposure, and bealive me, is not easy to get. That’s why we are really grateful to you for your help by doing this.
This is an extremely cruel market and it is really hard to stand out from the competition. We are competing agains other indies, but also big companies like Capcom, Nintendo, EA, etc. And it’s not easy to get the resources to advertise your games like they do.

One last thing: What can you tell to people that might want to incursionate in the videogame development?

-Stick with people who wants the same that you do. Look up for people with different talents: Artist, programmers, musicians, graphic designers, players! Do not do this alone if you want to do it right.
-Most beginers bealive that if they share their ideas someone is going to steal them. Let me tell that’s a lie. No one is interesteed in your ideas more than you because everybody else has their own.
-Don’t steal ideas from others.
-Fail. A lot. Don’t be afraid of failing some more. It is much better to try and fail thant to not try at all.


Cavern Tap:


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