[Review-Interview] Pizza Boy for Deliver Games

Pizza Boy, a return to the 16 bit era with modern touches, this game takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where you must fight to achieve your survival, currently in beta being developed by a team called deliver games, Pizza Boy is an interesting and fun game where you take the role of a guy who throws portions of pizzas to his enemies who are mutant enemies to defeat them , with a good difficulty to challenge you to get the highest possible score considering that you can no longer shoot backwards in case you have left an enemy, with difficult and exciting bosses who will not stop killing again and again until he manages to give him the way to beat them.

Although this in beta has something solid with a soundtrack is spectacular, in what with a curious artistic style that we remember those times of the 16 bits, I have even the difficulty reminds us.

The person who runs the project was so kind to give us an interview as there are things that I found interesting the fact that all live dispersed and have to rely on the Internet to organize.


How did the whole group start as such and the Pizza Boy project?
– Matías Bianchi:
“The project began in the middle of the month of February, We had the idea of reviving the time of the 16 bits, but giving it some modern dyes. So we try to think of a story that can be striking, a character easily recognizable and enemies you can find in daily life. “So we met the programmers and artists and that funny idea of making a game about a pizza deliveryman in a post-apocalyptic world arose.”

Who make up the team and how do they distribute the work?, I have learned that they are from different countries and I find it interesting, how do they organize?
-Matías Bianchi:
“The team consists of:
Nahuel Iturrieta, Leandro Iturrieta and David Rochin in the visual sector. Christian González Muñoz in music and FX. And Matías Bianchi, Mauricio Bianchi, Valentín Melchor and Diego Gil in programming. If so, Christian is from Chile, David is from Mexico, Christian is from Chile. The rest of the team are from Argentina, but also from cities quite distant, since Diego is from the north of the country (Salta), Valentin is from La Pampa. And the rest of the members of the South zone of Buenos Aires. The organization at the beginning was a bit difficult to achieve, but we found applications that simplified us a lot, as were the slack to communicate and the Trello for the division of tasks. Once each had all their tasks in the assigned game, the process of developing pizza boy became easier to achieve.”
How much do you estimate the game will be ready to be able to have a full version of it?
-Matías Bianchi:
“We estimate that in mid-October will be the final version for Android and PC (Windows). Which is going to include not only more levels, but many more items and surprises that we will go ahead in the fan page.”
During my talk with Matías Bianchi commented on some bugs I found, but it turns out that one of them was not really a bug, but something that will be in the future of the game, part of those items and powers that color later in the development of the game.







Diseñador y programador el Reiz

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