[Review] Terraria

“As a Minecraft but in 2d”, so it is commonly defined terrarium, although its game is based on the collection of minerals to be stronger and a random world this is the only thing that has similar with Minecraft then there is a big margin of difference.
The first feature highlighted by Terrasia is its wide variety of content that continues to expand and free, content such as: mobs, weapons, minerals, armor and hundreds of adventures, another great feature of it is the fight against bosses and be able to play multiplayer.
Hundreds of hours you will be waiting to play this adventure sandbox game, there is even special dependiende content of the date, for example in Halloween, Christmas, among others.
  • Great variety in content.
  • Many craft for decoration for what you propose to build.
  • NPCs that are useful.
  • Be able to play with friends.
  • A simple interface that lets you know what you can do with what you have.
  • Ways to find crafting generally without minimizing the game.
  • Once you are at the top of everything you can no longer find what to do.
  • Unbalanced with certain items.
If I were to give you a rating this game would give you a 8.5 of 10, excellent game.
Soon they take out a version of Terrarium which is expected to bring functions to go to the confines of space, Terrasia Otherworld.

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