Shelob is seen in Middle Earth: Shadows of War

Shelob appears

shelob spider shadow of war

The video game will tell the origins of the daughter of Ungoliant, who is one of the main characters of the novels.

Warner Bros has finally shared a new video of Middle Earth: War Shadows, who is starring one of the most recognized characters in the literary saga of J.R.R. Tolkien, nothing more and nothing less than the fearsome Shelob, which in Monolith’s new video game will appear in a way never seen before, because it will be the first time we have opportunity to meet the daughter of Ungoliant before transforming into a frighteningly monstrous creature .

Talion will have to face it, therefore, with the deceits of the guardian of Cirith Ungol, while it deepens in the past of this personage. Shelob, is presented here as a very beautiful woman of whom we do not seem to rely too much.

The long awaited game, Middle Earth: Shadows of War will go on sale on PC, Xbox One and PS4 on October 10.

Talion and his new power ring will be able to control really powerful creatures like the dragons (previously seen in the trailers), in addition its new ring will allow him to accede to new abilities of combat, especially an Elvish ability that simulates to stop the time While talion kills a large number of enemies, he can summon his followers in battles with great bosses, control bastions and even great fortresses, this is how talion will expand his great army to fight against the darkness that approaches the Middle Earth.





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